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Pyxsoft Antimalware & WAF

Safeguarding servers, customers and business

For cPanel based servers

Malware scanner

Our acclaimed malware scanner, powered by a database of over 4 million signatures and an Advanced Code Analysis Engine, can find more threats than any other.

Integrated WAF

The only solution that incorporates a WAF on your server, which stops attacks before they reach your customers' websites.


Increased web speed

Our WAF, in addition to protecting your server, increases the speed of websites with state-of-the-art optimizations.

More than 100.000 cyberattacks blocked daily

And the number keeps increasing


John Stevens

Server Administrator

Pyxsoft is a must-have in our server arsenal. The malware scanner's precision is unmatched, and the integrated WAF is a guardian angel against cyber threats. Our investment in Pyxsoft is an investment in rock-solid server security

Linda Peterson

Online Business Owner

Pyxsoft is a game-changer for our online store. The malware scanner is like a vigilant guard, and the integrated WAF shields us from unseen dangers. Our website's speed boost is a bonus. Pyxsoft is the security blanket every business needs.

David Anderson

Senior System Administrator

In the web hosting world, Pyxsoft is a standout. The malware scanner's thoroughness and the WAF's real-time protection elevate our server security. Our clients notice the speed boost, making Pyxsoft an essential part of our hosting infrastructure.

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curl -s | bash

Requires cPanel running on:

CentOS / AlmaLinux / RockyLinux / CloudLinux
Version 7 or 8